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Rainbow Health Network Information Exchange 

This is the web-link to the RHN Yahoo Group (email list) which supports the exchange of information by RHN members about LGBTTTIQ health, and RHN activities, projects, events; research, programs, LGBTQ employment opportunities, and much more.

To subscribe to join the RHN  (email list) email RHN-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Or just click http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rhn/ Join This Group and follow the instructions provided from there. You will be contacted by the Yahoo Groups Subscriptions Secretary.

Any questions, concerns or comments please email us at rhn.chair@gmail.com


The Rainbow Health Network is dependent on volunteers and we are always looking for new volunteers. Ways volunteers can contribute to RHN is by joining a committee or helping out a campaigns or an event.

Currently we are looking for folks to join our steering committee. We at RHN promote an educational spaces were volunteers can can gain new skills and contribute to there communities.

Is there a time commitment? We ask that volunteers be with us for at least a year.

Can I get a letter about volunteering? We are happy to write a letter about your volunteer work after you have begun volunteering with us. The letter will state that you are a volunteer, and describe the work you have done with RHN and how many hours you have volunteered for.

How do I apply to volunteer? Please submit your application including a cover letter of why you would like to volunteer with us and your interest and any specific skill set you may have.

For more information contact Brian De Matos by phone 416 392 6878 ext 4049  or email rhn.chair@gmail.com



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